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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Metal compexes of chalcogenated bulky ligands and n-heterocyclic carbenes : synthesis and catalytic applicationsSingh, Ajai K; Dubey, Pooja
2018Metal complexes and nanoparticles tailored with organochalcogen ligad/doping with phosphorus: designing : designing and applicationsSingh, Ajai K; Sharma, Alpesh Kumar
2002N-[2-(4-Methoxyphenyltelluro)ethyl]benzamide (L1) and N-[2-(4-methoxyphenyl telluro)propyl] phthalimide (L2): synthesis and ligation with palladium(II), platinum(II) and ruthenium(II). Crystal structures of L1 and L2, the latter as a mixed crystal with L2H2Singh, Ajai K; Sooriyakumar, J; Kadarkaraisamy, M; Drake, John E; Hursthouse, Michael B; Light, Mark E; Butcher, Raymond J
2000N-{2-(4-Methoxyphenyltelluro)ethyl}morpholine (L1) and bis{2-(N-morpholino)ethyl}telluride (L2): synthesis and complexation with palladium(II) and mercury(II). Crystal structures of trans-[PdCl2(L1)2] and trans-[PdCl2(L2)2]Singh, Ajai K; Sooriyakumar, J; Husebye, S; Tornroos, Karl W
2000N-[2-(4-methoxyphenyltelluro)ethyl]phthalimide (L1): synthesis, oxidation by ruthenium(III) chloride and ligation with ruthenium(II). Crystal structures of L1, its oxidized product and of [RuCl2(p-cymene)·L1]Singh, Ajai K; Kadarkaraisamy, M; Murthy, G S; Srinivas, J; Varghese, B; Butcher, R J
1995N-[2-(4-Methoxyphenyltelluro)ethyl]phthalimide: synthesis and complexation with palladium (II)Batheja, Raman; Dhingra, S K; Singh, Ajai K
2015Organochalcogen tailored nanoparticles and metal complexes in catalysis of organic reactionsSingh, Ajai K; Joshi, Hemant
1997Palladium (II) and platinum (II) complexes of bis(4-methoxyphenyltelluro) methane. Crystal structure of [{meso-(4-MeOC6H4Te)2CH2} (Ph2PCH2CH2PPh2) PD(II)]-(ClO4)2· 4H2O and [meso-(4-MeOC6H4Te)2CH2]Pd(II)Cl2Drake, John E; Yang, Jincai; Khalid, Abu; Srivastava, Vinod; Singh, Ajai K
2002Preconcentration of lead with amberlite XAD-2 and amberlite XAD-7 based chelating resins for its determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometryTewari, P K; Singh, Ajai K
1997Pyrocatechol violet immobilized amberlite XAD-2: synthesis and metal-ion uptake properties suitable for analytical applicationsSaxena, Reena; Singh, Ajai K
2005Reactions of hybrid organotellurium ligands 1-(4-methoxyphenyl telluro)-2-[3-(6-methyl-2-pyridyl)propoxy]ethane (L1) and 1-ethylthio-2-[2-thienyltelluro]ethane (L2) with mercury (II) bromide: formation of complexes and their decompositionSingh, Garima; Bali, Sumit; Singh, Ajai K; Drake, John E; Macdonald, Charles L B; Hursthouse, M B; Little, M E
2000Recent developments in the ligand chemistry of telluriumSingh, Ajai K; Sharma, Shivadhar
2002Silica gel functionalized with resacetophenone: synthesis of a new chelating matrix and its application as metal ion collector for their flame atomic absorption spectrometric determination as metal ion collector for their flame atomic absorption spectrometric determinationGoswami, Anupama; Singh, Ajai K
1994Synthesis of a chelating polymer matrix by immobilizing Alizarin Red-S on Amberlite XAD-2 and its application to the preconcentration of lead(II), cadmium(II), zinc(II) and nickel(II)Saxena, Reena; Singh, Ajai K; Sambi, S S
1992Synthesis of [ArTe(DTC/XNT)(NaDTC/XNT)] (DTC = dithiocarbamate and XNT = xanthate) through ligand substitution reactions of arylbis(thiosemicarbazone)tellurium(II) chlorideSingh, Ajai K; Prakash, K M M S
1995Ternary complexes of palladium(II) containing (Te,S) and (Te,N) hybrid organotellurium ligands: synthesis, spectra and cis-transisomeric conversionBatheja, Raman; Dhingra, S K; Singh, Ajai K
1999u-Oxobridged heterotrinuclear compounds containing antimony(V) and arsenic(III). Crystal structures of Ar3Sb(u-OAsPh2)2 (Ar=Ph or p-tol)Amburose, C Valan; Singh, Ajai K; Jha, N K; Sharma, Pankaj; Cabrera, A
Showing results 22 to 38 of 38
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