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  • Continuous time smoothing for systems with interrupted observations 

    Madan, B; Mahalanabis, A (1976)
    General continuous time smoothing results for state estimation with interrupted observations are derived. The interruption mechanism is characterized by a jump Markov process taking values 0 or 1. The approach followed for ...
  • An escalator structure for adaptive beamforming 

    Madan, B; Kuriyan, G (1983)
    The standard LMS algorithms for adaptive beamforming though straightforward, suffer from the main draw back of having slow, convergence rate. This is normally attributed to the wide range of spread of eigenvalues of the ...
  • On optimum receivers for analog communication in impulsive noise 

    Madan, B; Prasad, S; Mahalanabis, A (1978)
    In this paper the problem of impulsive noise suppression in analog communication systems is considered. The problem of demodulation of amplitude and phase modulated signals in the presence of impulsive noise is formulated ...