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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Analysis of reconfigurability paradigm in supply chain perspectivePandey, Pulak Mohan; Shankar, Ravi; Biswas, Pallab
2005Analysis of the carban-13NMR chemical shifts and 2D NMR studies of vinyl copolymersBrar, A.S.; Shankar, Ravi; Singh, Gurmeet
2005An ant algorithm for the single row layout problem in flexible manufacturing systemsSolimanpur, M; Vrat, Prem; Shankar, Ravi
2018Big data pre-processing solutions for telecom & manufacturing specific use casesDebnath, Roma M; Shankar, Ravi; Kumar, Ajay
2012Characterization of isobornyl acrylate and methacrylate copolymers by NMR spectroscopyBrar, A. S.; Shankar, Ravi; Khandelwal, Deepika
2018Critical success factors for mobile virtual network operatorsin Indian telecommunication industryShankar, Ravi; Sagar, Mahim; Sehgal, Vineet
2003Disproportionation reactions of (methoxy/hydroxy)diorganotin(IV) methanesulfonates with carboxylic acids: Synthesis and structure of new diorganotin(IV) carboxylatesShankar, Ravi; Mukesh Kumar; Narula, Suraj P; Chadha, Raj K
2018Framework development for food safety in India select issuesShankar, Ravi; Singh, S P; Shukla, Seema
2015Functional cyclotetrasilpxanes as scaffolds for gold nanoparticles and their application in catalysisShankar, Ravi; Chaudhary, Manchal
2018Green lot -sizing and supplier selection under dynamic random demand / by Arun Kumar PurohitShankar, Ravi; Purohit, Arun Kumar
2004A heuristic to minimize makespan of cell scheduling problemSolimanpur, M; Vrat, Prem; Shankar, Ravi
2016Modelling traffic congestion-to wait or to belateSeth, Kiran; Shankar, Ravi; Raheja, Tushar
2018Noble metal nanoparticles as pickering interfacial catalyst for hydrolytic oxidation of organosilanesShankar, Ravi; Jangir, Bhawana
2003Novel pentacoordinate silicon compounds bearing [Si-N-C-N-C-N] chelate ring derived from biguanide ligandsPooja Kumar; Shankar, Ravi
2018Portfolio optimization in Indian market : a study using financial analyticsYadav, Surendra S.; Shankar, Ravi; Jothimani, Dhanya
2004Reactivity behavior of (hydroxy)diorganotin(IV)methanesulfonates with ionic nucleophiles – synthesis and structural characterization of novel diorganostannate salts, [R2Sn(μ-OH)(OSO2Me)(ONO2)]22Bu4NShankar, Ravi; Mukesh Kumar; Chadha, Raj K; Narula, Suraj P
2003Reactivity studies of mixed-ligend diorganotin complexes,R2Sn(x)OSO2Me(X=OMe,OH)Shankar, Ravi; Mukesh Kumar
2009Select issues in supply chain performance measurement systemBaisya, Rajat K.; Shankar, Ravi; Charan, Parikshit
2006Select study of IT-enablid sourcing of services to india.Banwet, Devinder Kumar; Shankar, Ravi; Gandhi, Shiri
2010Select study of use diffusion for short message serviceShankar, Ravi; Momaya, Kirankumar; Kumar, Ashish
Showing results 1 to 20 of 47
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