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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Active solar distillation system—An investment alternative to a solar hot water systemSinha, S; Sanjay Kumar; Tiwari, G N
1994Amalgamation of traditional and modern cooling techniques in a passive solar house: A design analysisSanjay Kumar; Tiwari, G N; Bhagat, N C
1996Analysis of double effect active solar distillationBhagwan Prasad; Tiwari, G N
1995Analytical and numerical study of a controlled-environment agricultural system for hot and dry climatic conditionsSutar, Roy f; Tiwari, G N
1997Analytical studies of crop drying cum water heating systemTiwari, G N; Bhatia, P S; Singh, A K; Goyal, R K
1997Analytical study of an active winter greenhouseTiwari, G N; Dubey, A K; Goyal, R K
1994Analytical study of summer/winter housesSanjay Kumar; Tiwari, G N
1993Analytical thermal modelling of multi-basin solar stillTiwari, G N; Singh, S K; Bhatnagar, V P
1996Comparative studies of different heating techniques of a non-air conditionedTiwari, G N; Singh, A K
1994A comparison of passive cooling techniquesTiwari, G N; Upadhyay, M; Rai, S N
2002Computer model and its validation for prediction of storage effect of water mass in a greenhouse: a transient analysisGupta, Amita; Tiwari, G N
2003Computer modeling of passive/active solar stills by using inner glass temperatureTiwari, G N; Shukla, S K; Singh, I P
1998Convective mass transfer in a double-condensing chamber and a conventional solar stillAggarwal, Shruti; Tiwari, G N
2018Degradation and thermal modeling of crystaline silicone photovoltic module in real operating conditionBhatti, T S; Sastry, O S; Tiwari, G N; Rajput, Pramod
2018Design and performance evaluation of building integrated semi-transparent photovoltaic thermal (bispvt) systemTiwari, G N; Tiwar, Arvind; Deo, Arjun
1992Design criteria for an active biogas plantTiwari, G N; Singh, S K; Thakur, Kailash
1993Design parameters of a non-air-conditioned cinema hall for thermal comfort under arid-zone climatic conditionsTiwari, G N; Lugani, N; Singh, A K
1994Design parameters of a shallow bed solar crop dryer with reflectorTiwari, G N; Bhatia, P S; Singh, A K; Sutar, Roy F
1996Determination of period for biogas productionTiwari, G N; Usmani, J A; Chandra, A
2004Effect of greenhouse on crop drying under natural and forced convection I: Evaluation of convective mass transfer coefficientJain, Dilip; Tiwari, G N
Showing results 1 to 20 of 89
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