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  • A 3.3 V compatible 2.5 V TTL-to-CMOS bidirectional I/O buffer 

    Maheshwari, S K; Visweswaran, G S (2000)
    Design of a 3.3 V compatible 2.5 V TTL-to-CMOS bidirectional I/O buffer is proposed. Gate oxide protection was implemented without active voltage degradation, which reduces static and dynamic current levels and improves ...
  • Design of low power high-speed links 

    Sahni, Pramjeet Singh (2018)
  • The effects of transistor source-to-gate bridging faults in complex CMOS gates 

    Visweswaran, G S; Ali, Akhtar-uz-zaman M; Lala, Parag K; Hartmann, Carloss R P (1991)
    A study of the effect of gate-to-source bridging faults in the pull-up section of a complex CMOS gate is presented. The manifestation of these faults depends on the resistance value of the connection causing the bridging. ...
  • A low power 256 KB SRAM design 

    Bhaumik, B; Pradhan, P; Visweswaran, G S; Varambally, R; Hardi, A (1998)
    In this paper a low power SRAM design is presented. Existing SRAM architectures used in SGS Thomson were studied to explore the possibilities in bringing down power dissipation in various blocks. A Divided word line (DWL) ...
  • A MOS transistor thermal sub-circuit for the SPICE circuit simulator 

    Nooshabadi, Saeiid; Visweswaran, G S; Nagchoudhuri, D (1998)
    This paper discusses the design of a SPICE sub-circuit for the MOS transistor to model the thermal effects under dynamic thermal conditions. This makes simulation of temperature critical :analogue macrofunctions more ...
  • A new test compression scheme 

    Bhaumik, B; Visweswaran, G S; Lakshminarasimhan, R (1999)
    Generalized Modified Positional Syndrome (GMPS), of order p, a new compaction scheme for test output data is presented. The order p determines the aliasing probability and the amount of hardware overhead required to implement ...
  • SYMCAD: synthesis of microprogrammed control for automated VLSI design 

    Priyadarshan, B L; Balakrishnan, M; A Kumar; Visweswaran, G S (1990)
    The paper discusses a software package named SYMCAD, a retargetable microcode synthesizer which forms part of a microprogrammed control synthesis in the VLSI CAD system IDEAS (Integrated Design Automation System). The ...