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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002N-[2-(4-Methoxyphenyltelluro)ethyl]benzamide (L1) and N-[2-(4-methoxyphenyl telluro)propyl] phthalimide (L2): synthesis and ligation with palladium(II), platinum(II) and ruthenium(II). Crystal structures of L1 and L2, the latter as a mixed crystal with L2H2Singh, Ajai K; Sooriyakumar, J; Kadarkaraisamy, M; Drake, John E; Hursthouse, Michael B; Light, Mark E; Butcher, Raymond J
2000N-{2-(4-Methoxyphenyltelluro)ethyl}morpholine (L1) and bis{2-(N-morpholino)ethyl}telluride (L2): synthesis and complexation with palladium(II) and mercury(II). Crystal structures of trans-[PdCl2(L1)2] and trans-[PdCl2(L2)2]Singh, Ajai K; Sooriyakumar, J; Husebye, S; Tornroos, Karl W
2001N-{2-(4-methoxyphenyltelluro)ethyl}morpholine (L1) and its platinum(II) and ruthenium(II) complexes. Synthesis and crystal structure of L1 and trans-[PtCl2(L1)2]Singh, Ajai K; Sooriya Kumar, J; Butcher, R J
2000N-[2-(4-methoxyphenyltelluro)ethyl]phthalimide (L1): synthesis, oxidation by ruthenium(III) chloride and ligation with ruthenium(II). Crystal structures of L1, its oxidized product and of [RuCl2(p-cymene)·L1]Singh, Ajai K; Kadarkaraisamy, M; Murthy, G S; Srinivas, J; Varghese, B; Butcher, R J
1995N-[2-(4-Methoxyphenyltelluro)ethyl]phthalimide: synthesis and complexation with palladium (II)Batheja, Raman; Dhingra, S K; Singh, Ajai K
1994NADH sensor with electrochemically modified TCNQ electrodeMurthy, A S N; Anita; Gupta, R L
1993Nafion®-bound carbon electrodes containing transitionmetal phthalocyanines for oxygen reduction in solid-polymer-electrolyte fuel cellsPhougat, Neelam; Vasudevan, P; Santosh; Shukla, A K
2013Nanocrystalline rare earth doped garnets and their optical propertiesGanguli, A. K.; Verma, Aditya
2003Nanocrystallite formation in Pd capped PrH3_2δ filmsMor, G K; Malhotra, L K
2018Nanoparticle encapsulated bioactive formulations for drug deliveryMishra, Prashant; Jaiswal, Swati
2016Nanoparticles uptake and toxicity in plants: implication on reuse potential of wastewater for irrigationKumar, Arun; Singh, Divya
2018Nanophotonic sensors and devicesDe, Swades; Sharma, Yashna
2005Nanorods and nanoparticlls obtained by the reverse micellar route:dielectric and magnetic propertiesGanguli, A.K; Tokeer, Ahmad
2018Nanostructured alloys for electrocatalysisVaidya, Sonalika; Ganguli, Ashok K.; Saha, Soumen
2016Nanostructured composites of molybdenum- based compounds (Mo2C/Mo2N/MoS2/MoP) and graphene as electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reactionsChowdhury, Pratim. K.; Ganguli, Ashok. K.; Ojha, Kasinath
2003Nations within and without:study of seven post-Independence Indian English poetsKallury, Syamala; Dev, Anjana Neira
2004Natural convective heat transfer in trapezoidal enclosure of box-type solar cookerSubodh Kumar
1998Natural frequency constrained optimal structural modification using a sensitivity derivative of dynamically constrained mass and stiffness matricesSrivastava, R K; Kundra, T K
1994Natural ventilation system in solar passive architecture.Bansal, N.K.; Mathur, Rajesh
1982Nature and engineering behaviour of fine grained carbonate soilsGulhati, S.K.; Venkatappa Rao, G.; Madhavan Nambiar, M.R.
Showing results 3465 to 3484 of 6826
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