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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Paddy storage and processing systems under rural settingP., Vasudevan; Santosh; Gandhi, Naresh Kumar
2004Palladium capped samarium thin films as potential hydrogen sensorsPushpendra Kumar; Malhotra, L K
2016Palladium catalyzed Carbon- Corbon bond formationJain, Nidhi; Premi, Chanchal
1997Palladium (II) and platinum (II) complexes of bis(4-methoxyphenyltelluro) methane. Crystal structure of [{meso-(4-MeOC6H4Te)2CH2} (Ph2PCH2CH2PPh2) PD(II)]-(ClO4)2ยท 4H2O and [meso-(4-MeOC6H4Te)2CH2]Pd(II)Cl2Drake, John E; Yang, Jincai; Khalid, Abu; Srivastava, Vinod; Singh, Ajai K
2010Palladium(II) and ruthenium(II) complexes of organochalcogen ligands: applications in catalytic organic synthesisSingh, Ajai K.; Das, Dipanwita
2010Palladium(II) chloride/edta-catalyzed biaryl homo-coupling of aryl halides, solvolysis of diazonium salts in ethylene glycol ethers and trans-tosylation of alcohols with 2,2,2-trichloroethyl tosylateRam N. Ram; Singh, Virinder
2009Palladium nanopraticles and bimetal palladium layers for enhanced hydrogenation properties.Mehta., B.R; Prasad, S. M. Shiva; Khanuja, Manika
2016Pamuk's Istanbul: everyday architectureKhanna, Stuti (Asstt. Prof.) - HSS; Narayan, Pallavi
1979Para-Bose Operators,coherent states and applicationsMehta, C.L.; Sharma, Jitendra Kumar
1993Parallel algorithms for the solution of tridiagonal and banded linear systemsIyengar, S.R.K; Passi, Kalpdrum
1993Parallel cholesky factorization and related operations for sparse matricesMadan, B B; Jain, B N; Padmini, M V
2018Parallel computation of diagonally dominant linear systemsRao, Chandra Sekhara; Kamra, Rabia
1999Parallel delaunay tringulation for finite element methodsIyengar, S.R.K.; Pradhan, Siba Charan
1995Parallel dictionary operations algorithms and architectures.Madan, B.B.; Balakrishnan, M.; Varshneya, Atul
1997Parallelization of symmetry detection algorithms on a network of workstationsParthiban, R; Ravikumar, C P; Kakarala, R; Sivaswamy, J
1998A parallel mesh chopping algorithm for a class of two-point boundary value problemsKatti, C P; Goel, S
2007Parallel numerical algorithms for symmetric positive linear systems.Rao, S.Chandra Sekhara
1994Parallel search-and-learn technique for solving large scale travelling-salesperson problemsRavikumar, C P
1993A parallel search-and-learn technique for solving large scale TSPRavikumar, C P
1992Parallel techniques for solving large scale travelling salesperson problemsRavikumar, C P
Showing results 4125 to 4144 of 6998
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