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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Affinity precipitation of aspergillus niger pectinase by microwave-treated alginateMondal, Kalyani; Mehta, Payal; Gupta, Munishwar N
1999Amorphous enzyme aggregates: stability toward heat and aqueous-organic cosolvent mixturesTyagi, Renu; Batra, Renu; Gupta, Munishwar N
2007Enantioselective transacetylation of (R,S)-β-citronellol by propanol rinsed immobilized Rhizomucor miehei lipaseMajumder, Abir B; Shah, Shweta; Gupta, Munishwar N
2003Evaluation of a smart bioconjugate of pectinase for chitin hydrolysisRoy, Ipsita; Sardar, Meryam; Gupta, Munishwar N
2000Exploiting unusual affinity of usual polysaccharides for separation of enzymes on fluidized bedsRoy, Ipsita; Sardar, Meryam; Gupta, Munishwar N
2003Hydrolysis of chitin by Pectinex™Roy, Ipsita; Sardar, Meryam; Gupta, Munishwar N
2003Lactose hydrolysis by Lactozym™ immobilized on cellulose beads in batch and fluidized bed modesRoy, Ipsita; Gupta, Munishwar N
2002A microassay for protein determination using microwavesJain, Sulakshana; Sharma, Shweta; Gupta, Munishwar N
2003Non-thermal effects of microwaves on protease-catalyzed esterification and transesterificationRoy, Ipsita; Gupta, Munishwar N
2004Obtaining higher transesterification rates with subtilisin carlsberg in nonaqueous mediaRoy, Ipsita; Sharma, Aparna; Gupta, Munishwar N
2004Preparation of highly active α-chymotrypsin for catalysis in organic mediaRoy, Ipsita; Gupta, Munishwar N
2000Purification of a-amylase isoenzymes from scytalidium thermophilum on a fluidized bed of alginate beads followed by concanavalin a-agarose column chromatographyRoy, Ipsita; Sastry, M S R; Johri, B N; Gupta, Munishwar N
2002Purification of a bacterial pullulanase on a fluidized bed of calcium alginate beadsRoy, Ipsita; Gupta, Munishwar N
2004Purification of green fluorescent protein overexpressed by a mutant recombinant Escherichia coliJain, Sulakshana; Teotia, Sunita; Gupta, Munishwar N
2007Relevance of chemistry to white biotechnologyGupta, Munishwar N; Raghava, Smita
2001Separation of phospholipase D from peanut on a fluidized bed of crosslinked alginate beadsSharma, Shweta; Roy, Ipsita; Gupta, Munishwar N
2000Simultaneous purification and immobilization of aspergillus niger xylanase on the reversibly soluble polymer eudragitTM L-100Sardar, Meryam; Roy, Ipsita; Gupta, Munishwar N
2002Three-phase affinity partitioning of proteinsRoy, Ipsita; Gupta, Munishwar N
2002Three phase partitioning for extraction of oil from soybeanSharma, Aparna; Khare, S K; Gupta, Munishwar N
2003κ-Carrageenan as a carrier in affinity precipitation of yeast alcohol dehydrogenaseMondal, Kalyani; Roy, Ipsita; Gupta, Munishwar N
Showing results 1 to 20 of 20


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