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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Active power filter with sliding mode controlSingh, B; Al-Haddad, K; Chandra, A
2004Analysis and implementation of an electronic load controller for a self-excited induction generatorSingh, B; Murthy, S S; Gupta, S
1994Analysis of self excited induction generator feeding induction motorShridhar, L; Singh, B; Jha, C S; Singh, B P
1998Analysis of switched reluctance motor drive under fault conditionsSharma, V K; Murthy, S S; Singh, B
1994Analysis of wind driven grid connected induction generators under unbalanced grid conditionsGhorashi, A H; Murthy, S S; Singh, B P; Singh, B
2003Applications of artificial intelligence techniques for induction machine stator fault diagnostics: reviewSiddique, A; Yadava, G S; Singh, B
1996Capacitive VAr controllers for induction generators for autonomous power generationMurthy, S S; Singh, B
1998Comparison of PI, VSC and energy balance controller for single phase active filter controlSingh, B; Anuradha; Kothari, D P; Chandra, A
1997Design and implementation of a new control algorithm for a three-phase active filterSingh, B; Al-Haddad, K; Chandra, A; Parimelalagan, R
2003Design-based performance evaluation of two-winding capacitor self-excited single-phase induction generatorTiwari, Arvind K; Murthy, S S; Singh, B; Shridhar, L
1994Design of an energy efficient motor for irrigation pumps operating under realistic conditionsShridhar, L; Singh, B; Jha, C S; Singh, B P; Murthy, S S
1998Experience in the development of microhydel grid independent power generation scheme using induction generators for Indian conditionsMurthy, S S; Jose, R; Singh, B
1996Experimental investigations on a permanent magnet brushless DC motor fed by PV array for water pumping systemSwamy, C L P; Singh, B; Singh, B P; Murthy, S S
1998Finite element analysis to achieve optimum geometry of switched reluctance motorMurthy, S S; Singh, B; Sharma, V K
1997A frequency response method to estimate inductance profile of switched reluctance motorMurthy, S S; Singh, B; Sharma, V Kumar
1995Fuzzy control of integrated current controlled converter-inverter fed cage induction motor driveSingh, B N; Singh, B; Singh, B P
1998Fuzzy logic based speed controller for vector controlled cage induction motor driveS Kumar; Singh, B; Chatterjee, J K
2002Fuzzy supervisory controller for improved voltage dynamics in power factor corrected converterKothari, D P; Singh, B; Pandey, A
2003General steady-state analysis of three-phase self-excited induction generator feeding three-phase unbalanced load/single-phase load for stand-alone applicationsMurthy, S S; Singh, B; Gupta, S; Gulati, B M
2000Hybrid fuzzy logic proportional plus conventional integral-derivative controller for permanent magnet brushless DC motorSingh, B; Reddy, A H N; Murthy, S S
Showing results 1 to 20 of 50
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