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Title: Reactivity behavior of (hydroxy)diorganotin(IV)methanesulfonates with ionic nucleophiles – synthesis and structural characterization of novel diorganostannate salts, [R2Sn(μ-OH)(OSO2Me)(ONO2)]22Bu4N
Authors: Shankar, Ravi
Mukesh Kumar
Chadha, Raj K
Narula, Suraj P
Keywords: Diorganostannate
Ionic metathesis
Organotin oxide
Issue Date: 2004
Citation: Polyhedron, 23(1), 71-75
Abstract: The reaction of R2Sn(OH)OSO2Me [R=n-Pr (1a), or n-Bu (1b)] with one equivalent of Bu4NNO3 in CH2Cl2 proceeds via nucleophilic addition of NO3 − ion to the Lewis acidic tin center and results in the formation of novel diorganostannates, [R2Sn(μ-OH)(OSO2Me)(ONO2)]22Bu4N [R=n-Pr (2a), n-Bu(2b)]. The molecular structure of 2b comprises of hydroxy-bridged dimer with monodentate methanesulfonate and nitrate groups bonded to each tin atom. Analogous reactions of the tin precursor, 1b with strong nucleophiles such as Bu4NX (X=F−, OAc−) and RLi (R=n-Bu, Me) favor ionic metathesis pathway involving Sn–OSO2Me bond cleavage. This approach provides a simple and facile synthetic route for triorganotin oxides, (R2R′Sn)2O (R=R′=n-Bu, R=n-Bu, R′=Me).
URI: http://eprint.iitd.ac.in/dspace/handle/2074/1331
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