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Title: Synthesis and multinuclear NMR studies of 3-aminopropyliarylkhalcogenides, NH2CH2CH2CH2,EAr (E=Se, Tel), and their complexes with Pt(II) and Pd(II)
Authors: Khanna, Anju
Anju Bala
Khandelwal, B L
Keywords: Alkyl, Amine
Aryl, Group 16
Group 10
Issue Date: 1995
Citation: Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, (494) 199-204
Abstract: The asymmetric ligands, 3-aminopropyl(aryl)tellurides (la, lb) [At = Ph (a); C,H,-OMe (b)] and 3- aminopropyl(phenyl)selenide (2) and their complexes with platinum(U) and palladium(U), viz. [PtCl,(la, lb)] (3, 41, [PtCl,(2)] (5), [PdCl,(la, lb)] (6, 71, [PdC12(2)] (81, [(Me)ClPd(lb)] (9) and [(Me)ClPd(lb),](lO) h ave been made and characterized. Complexes 3-8, have square planar geometry around the metal (Pd or Pt) with the (Te,N)- or (Se,N)-ligand coordinated in a bidentate mode and the two chlorines cis to each other. Complex 9 also has a square planar geometry, with Me trans to nitrogen and Cl trans to tellurium. In complex 10 where Pd appears to be in a square planar geometry the two tellurium atoms are judged to be trans to each other.
URI: http://eprint.iitd.ac.in/dspace/handle/2074/137
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