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Title: Synthesis and characterization of some arene hydrido-complexes [Ru(n6-arene)(EPh3)2H]+ (n6-arene=benzene, p-cymene or hexamethylbenzene; E=P, As or Sb). Crystal structure of [Ru(n6-C6H6)(PPh3)2H]BF4
Authors: Sisodia, Om Singh
Sahay, A N
Pandey, D S
Agarwala, U C
Jha, N K
Sharma, Pankaj
Toscano, A
Cabrera, A
Keywords: Arene hydrido complexes
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 560(1-2), 35–40
Abstract: [{Ru(n6-arene)Cl2}2] (n6-arene=benzene, p-cymene or hexamethylbenzene) reacts with EPh3 (E=P, As or Sb) in methanol to give monomeric cationic arene hydrido complexes [Ru(n6-arene)(EPh3)2H]+ in presence of AgBF4 or AgPF6. However, reactions in presence of triphenylphosphine also yield a symmetrically bridged tris (m-methoxy) complex [(PPh3)3Ru(m-OMe)3Ru(PPh3)3]+.The crystal structure of [Ru(n6-C6H6)(PPh3)2H]BF4 has been determined. Crystal data, monolinic system, space group P21:n, a=14.792 (2) A ; b=14.351 (1) A ; c=17.661 (2) A ; b=102.25 (1)° and Z=4. Crystal structure determination reveals the distortion of the Ru(PPh3)2H= unit in the cation [Ru(n6-C6H6)(PPh3)2H]+.
URI: http://eprint.iitd.ac.in/dspace/handle/2074/665
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