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dc.contributor.authorThomas, Reji-
dc.contributor.authorDube, D C-
dc.contributor.authorKamalasanan, M N-
dc.contributor.authorChandra, Subash-
dc.identifier.citationThin Solid Films, 346(1-2), 212-225en
dc.description.abstractBarium titanate sol was prepared using barium ethyl hexanoate and titanate isopropoxide.The sol was then spin coated on p-type single crystel silicon (100) waters stainless steel and fused silica substrate and annealed to give polycrystalline,transparent,and crack free films.The surface morpology and structural propertise of the films were studied using scanning electron microscopeing and x-ray diffraction respectively.Crystalline phase could from only at an annealing temprature of 650c and above.The effect of post deposition annealing on the optical and structural propertise as well as on the band gap were analysed.Transmission spectra were recorded and from this,refractive index,extinction coefficient and thickness were calculated for films and fused silica annealed at different temperatures.This dispersion curve for the refractive index n of 650c annealed flim is farily flat beyond 450nm and rises sharply towards the shorter wavelength region,showing the typical shape of a dispersion curve near an interband transition.The present study indicates the validity of the DiDomenico model for the interband transition with a single electronic oscillater.The refractive indices lie in the range 1.75-2.5 for film annealed in the range 300-750c.The electrical measurements were conducted on metal-ferroelectric-semiconductor (MFS)and metal-ferroelectric-metal(MFM)capacitors.The typical measured small signal dielectric constant was 66 and 140 at LMHz for the MFS and MFM capacitors respectively.Dubye type dispression was observed for films on stainless steel substrate with an activation energy of about 0.34 eV.The low film ac conduction was found primarily due to hopping of electron through the trap centres.The I-V characteristics of the MFS capacitors were found to be ohmic at low filds and space charge limited and high filds I-V characteristics of the MFM capacitors showed a strange behaviour,linear dependence of current on voltage up to 10 Vm and V depandence beyond 10V/m.en
dc.format.extent610736 bytes-
dc.subjectBarium titanateen
dc.subjectChemical solution depositionen
dc.subjectOptical propertiesen
dc.subjectElectrical propertiesen
dc.titleOptical and electrical properties of BaTiO3 thin films prepared by chemical solution depositionen
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