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Title: 2-(Phenyltelluromethyl)tetrahydrofuran (L1) and 2-(2-{4-methoxyphenyl}telluroethyl)-1,3- dioxolane (L2) and their palladium(II) and platinum(II) complexes
Authors: Batheja, Raman
Singh, Ajai K
Keywords: tellurium
2-(2-{4-methoxyphenyl} telluroethyl)- 1,3-dioxolane
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: Polyhedron, 16(24), 4337-4345
Abstract: The nucleophile [ArTe-] generated/n situ borohydride solution of Ar2Te2, reacts with 2-(chloro-methyl)tetrahydrofuran and 2-(2-bromoethyl)- 1,3-dioxolane resulting in L and L 2, respectively. The complexes of palladium(II) and platinum(II) with L'/L 2 having stoichiometries [MCI='L2], [ML2](CIO4)2,[(DPPE)ML2](C104)2, [(PPh3)ML2](C104)2 and [(phen)ML2](C104)2 (where L = L'/L 2 DPPE = Ph2PCH-2CH2PPh2, phen = 1,10-phenanthroline and M = Pd/Pt) have been synthesized. IR, H, 25Te{tH} and 3'p{H} NMR and UVvis spectral data of these species in conjunction with their molar conductance and molecular weight data have been used to authenticate the new species. In all complexes (1 20) the ligands L t and L 2 are coordinated through tellurium and in the complexes of formula [ML2](C104)2 (M -- Pd, Pt) the ligand is bidentate with the oxygen atom used in complexation. In solution, complexes PtC12L2 exist as a mixture of cis and trans isomers whereas only the trans isomer was observed for the palladium analogues. The [(phen)PdL2](C104)2(Q) quenches O2 readily. The plot of log [Q] vs time is linear. Mechanism compatible with the experimental observations is proposed.
URI: http://eprint.iitd.ac.in/dspace/handle/2074/404
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