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  • Catalytic activity of anchored vanadyl complexes 

    Bhatia, Rajinder Kaur; Rao, G N (1994)
    Vanadyl complexes anchored to polymers are effective as catalysts in the oxidation of sulfoxide to sulfone by tert-butyl hydroperoxide. To study the effect of ligand bound to vanadium in such catalytic reactions, vanadyl ...
  • Novel topotactic conversion of an organically templated vanadyl phosphate framework into layered structures 

    Asnani, Minakshi; Sharma, Sanjeev; Lofland, Samuel E; Ramanujachary, Kandalam V; Buffat, Philippe A; Ramanan, Arunachalam (2005)
    This paper reports a novel topotactic exchange reaction of the ethylenediammonium intercalated mixed-valent vanadyl phosphate, (H3NCH2CH2NH3)0.5[V4+ 0.45V5+ 0.55O2PO4- {P(OH)2}0.483], with monovalent cations at room ...