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  • Xanthan Biosynthesis in Continuous Culture: Citric Acid 

    Jana, Asim K; Ghosh, Purnendu (1995)
    Role of citric acid on the biosynthesis of xanthan was studied in continuous culture. Increased citric acid consumption resulted in an increase in ATP production by cells which was used in the synthesis of xanthan. Mass ...
  • Xylanase production by a hyperxylanolytic mutant of Fusarium oxysporum 

    Singh, Ajay; Kuhad, Ramesh Chander; Kumar, Manish (1995)
    Mutagensis of Fusarium Oxysporum DSM 841 Enhanced the activity of xyclanase and Beta-xylanace enzymes by more than threefold. Wild-Strain spores were subjected to UV orN-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine Treatments. The ...