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  • Factors limiting bacterial iron oxidation in biodesulphurization system 

    Malik, A; Dastidar, M G; Roychoudhury, P K (2004)
    Batch studies have been conducted to examine the effect of various factors (which are suspected to limit the coal biodesulphurization process rate) on bacterial oxidation of ferrous iron. An attempt has been made to find ...
  • A potential resource for bioconversion of domestic wastewater sludge 

    Molla, A H; Fakhru’l-Razi, A; Abd-Aziz, S; Hanafi, M M; Roychoudhury, P K; Alam, M Z (2002)
    Twenty seven filamentous fungal strains representing five genera; Aspergillus, Penicillium, Trichoderma, Myriodontium and Pleurotus were isolated from four sources; domestic wastewater sludge cake (SC) from IWK (Indah Water ...