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  • Affine-structure-based facial image encoding 

    Chatterjee, S; Banerjee, S; Biswas, K K (1999)
    A real-time algorithm for affine-structure-based video compression for facial images is presented. The face undergoing motion is segmented and triangulated to yield a set of control points. The set of control points generated ...
  • Isolated 3D object recognition through next view planning 

    Roy, S D; Chaudhury, S; Banerjee, S (2000)
    In many cases, a single view of an object may not contain sufficient features to recognize it unambiguously. This paper presents a new online recognition scheme based on next view planning for the identification of an ...
  • Reconstruction of local features for facial video compression 

    Chatterjee, S; Banerjee, S; Biswas, K K (2000)
    We suggest a feature based facial image reconstruction technique. The encoding technique utilizes the affine structure of the face to capture the global facial motion. The structure information is transmitted only once at ...