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  • On-line algorithms for weighted bipartite matching and stable marriages 

    Khuller, Samir; Mitchell, Stephen G; Vazirani, Vijay V (1994)
    We give an on-line deterministic algorithm for the weighted bipartite matching problem that achieves a competitive ratio of (2n−1) in any metric space (where n is the number of vertices). This algorithm is optimal - there ...
  • Planar graph coloring is not self-reducible, assuming P ≠ NP 

    Vazirani, Vijay V; Khuller, Samir (1991)
    We show that obtaining the lexicographically first four coloring of a planar graph is NP-hard. This shows that planar graph four-coloring is not self-reducible, assuming P≠ NP. One consequence of our result is that the ...